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 The Warring States period is drawing to a close as clans all over trade in arms for instruments of peace. From the peace rose Konohagakure, the first of the Shinobi Hidden Villages. Shortly after Konoha started to be built other nations followed their example and began their own Hidden Villages. With more lives dedicated to the cause of peace, villages are quickly entering into a boom of progress, able to build up into a functional society with clans from every background contributing to their growth.

 Here in Hidden Leaf, civilians and shinobi alike enjoy the fruits of their labors. Electricity is available to those who can afford the greater benefits, though commoners are not left in the dark. Plumbing, homes, furnishings are all available, largely for the right price. However, it all still comes with great cost. Tensions still exist from the former conflict, both within and outside of Konoha. It is up to you to maintain this provenance or see it fractured.