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 These are general expectations that go along with the rules from CG.

 The Golden Rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated. Respect is valued highly on NFP. Therefore, it must be practiced at all times.

 Plant a garden, don't sow discord: A comfortable environment is the best environment. Negative attitudes and being discomforting do not make for a healthy OOC environment. It is the responsibility of players to create a place that feels safe and inviting to one another.

 I can help with that: For newcomers and regulars alike, questions are bound to be asked regarding the game both in IC and OOC circumstances. Please be considerate and answer one another in a helpful manner and or give them the tools to find their way. If players breach problematic territory, please let staff know.

 Lend me your ears: Listen thoughtfully to players. There are bound to be a number of people from various backgrounds and or sensibilities that play here. If a player goes out of their way to indicate an OOC conversation is discomforting to them, please refer to the Golden Rule and change the subject matter. Abusive, discriminatory, and or inconsiderate behaviors will not be tolerated.

 Peer mediation: OOC conflict is bound to happen, however it doesn't have to have long lasting negative effects. When in conflict, address one another respectfully and be mindful of each other's concerns. This is best done in private between those involved. Though the expectation is for us to manage ourselves responsibly, if the conflict gets out of hand, let staff know. You are your first line of defense, staff should be called when necessary.