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 A log is all the poses from a scene saved and generally shared with specific people or the general populace of the game. Generally logs are taken of important in game events, such as large plot scenes, but a log can exist for anything from the smallest social to the largest battle and plot scenes.

 In order to try and open things up a bit and let people share their experiences in the world with others, it's been decided that there will be XP bonuses for logs. Nothing extravagant, but enough to help people in their progression through the game and to help others learn.

 So what does this mean for you, my lovely players? If you log your scenes and post them in the discord 'Logs' channel, you will earn a small bonus for yourself and the others in the scene. This will mean your RP will also be public, so the choice is completely up to you. Generally Plot scenes will be posted by the Plot staff anyhow, so this is just for your own personal scenes.

 The idea is this: All scenes must have a minimum of five rounds. Social scenes will earn 200 XP. Missions will earn 300 XP. Missions with Team Mates will earn 500 XP. Since the process will be manual it may take a day or two for the payout.

 And finally as an example of what to post to the Logs channel in Discord. Include log name, date, characters in the scene, and the type of scene. Then upload the log along with that information. When I finish it I'll move it to the wiki!

 As a note, please post logs within three days of the scene. I'd rather not get a bunch all at once!