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 Naruto: Fragmented Provenance is an inclusive game that seeks to encourage people from all perspectives in life to join a shared story. With so many different life perspectives, it is inevitable that they will clash and that's alright. What matters is how you respond to the clash. We'd prefer to see everyone openly engaging in conversations concerning their personality clashes and working to find mutual understanding where at all possible. With these tenets in mind, the staff has written some rules that form our Consent Policy. Please contact staff if you need any help with these rules or you feel that someone has broken them.

 1) Embrace Differences. Find Similarities.  We are all different. Each of us, when compared, are going to be from wildly different places in life. This is ok. What we ask is that we, as a community, find ways to overcome these differences and reach common ground. We all want to make this a great story. Everyone wants to become something great here. Let's try not to ruin that.

 2) Respect Boundaries.  We, as staff, encourage everyone to have open and honest conversations with each other, and even with us, about what they feel comfortable being a part of. We will never force anyone to be a part of something they don't feel comfortable being a part of. There is never an excuse for forcing someone into a situation they have explicitly explained to you is taboo for them. We can all do better than that.

 3) Consequences Exist.  Even if we, as staff, will never force you to participate in something you feel uncomfortable being a part of, that does not mean that consequences as a result of what would have happened will not happen. If you start a small turf war and decide the violence is too heavy for you, we respect your decision to not participate in it, but that turf war still happens and you still caused it. In terms that gamers on text based platforms would understand better: ICA=ICC.

 4) Harassment is Abhorrent.  We, as a staff, find harassment of an individual to be absolutely abhorrent. There is never an excuse for harassing anyone on our game. If you are being harassed, tell staff immediately. If you feel that someone is ignoring you and you need to discuss an important topic with them, ask staff instead of harassing them. We all play here and we can all learn to work together on this.

 5) No Cheating.  We, as a community, find that cheating is not conducive to a welcoming play environment. Anyone found to have been cheating in any way may lose their right to play here depending on the severity of the infraction.

 6) Be Excellent to Each Other.  And party on my dudes.