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What Are Character Pages?

  Character pages are a single page that describes your character in more detail than is generally available through the MUSH itself. It allows you to publicly list any traits, background, personality, or any other thoughts on your character that makes them, them!

Creating Character Pages

  Create a Character Page is easy! First you'll want to copy the code here.

  Next, you'll want to create a page. We've made it easy for you! Type your characters name (LastName FirstName [no comma]) to properly create the page, then edit that page and paste your code into it. Once that's done you can replace the parts of your code that say to replace and go from there! If you would like to add more to your page and you're not entirely sure how, feel free to ask Canis.

Searching Character Pages

  To search for a certain characters page, you may type in the name (or part of the name) below.